We are the Zero Wastrels…

We all know we need to use less single-use plastic. But it’s easier said than done. Here we’ll chronicle the experiences we’ve had so far: the triumphs and the setbacks. If it’s useful to others, that’s great – and if you have any advice or hacks, let us know. Together we can achieve great things.

Like so many others, we watched national treasure David Attenborough’s 2017 anti-plastic plea and emerged from the process feeling wracked with guilt. We were already doing some of the obvious things – washable keepie cups for our regular caffeine fixes, reusable Tupperware for packed lunches, metal water bottles for our trips to the gym – but, surely we could be doing more?

When we decided it was time to make a proper effort we began to appreciate just how deep this particular rabbit hole went… and how very hard it would be to live up to our own good intentions.

Of course, like (almost) everyone else, we’re hypocrites. We drive a car, we use mobile phones – and these are things that we’re not yet really able (or willing) to change. But we can honestly say that, over the past year, we have greatly reduced our personal carbon footprints and, in the process, have found more responsible ways to continue to enjoy the things we love.

If our account of this process proves interesting – or even useful – to others, then we’re happy wastrels.

(Phil and Suse)



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