Smelling nice seems to be a major preoccupation with the general public, particularly in the summer months – indeed, in 2019, the global anti-perspirant market will amount to an estimated 75 billion US dollars. We haven’t used anti-perspirants in years, but we do want to smell nice, so deodorants are clearly the answer. They tend […]

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Okay, let’s assume you’ve done just about everything you can to avoid single-use plastic but something has defeated you. Maybe somebody sent you a present in the post wrapped in the stuff. Maybe you just couldn’t resist that bag of cheese ‘n’ onion crisps, that pot of salted caramel yoghurt, that packet of chilli peanuts. […]

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Toilet Paper

Ah, loo roll. The one bathroom essential for which we’re not even considering a reusable alternative. So how to wipe in an eco-friendly way? Even the recycled stuff usually comes wrapped in plastic, and it’s not exactly soft or strong. But when we saw that our local zero waste store, The Eco Larder, was selling […]

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We are the Zero Wastrels…

We all know we need to use less single-use plastic. But it’s easier said than done. Here we’ll chronicle the experiences we’ve had so far: the triumphs and the setbacks. If it’s useful to others, that’s great – and if you have any advice or hacks, let us know. Together we can achieve great things. […]

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