We all know that a plant-based diet is better for the planet. There’s no denying it. But, while we’re happy to cut down, we don’t want to give up meat and dairy completely (we’re not good with absolutes). So where does that leave us?

Under the badly named ‘reducetarian’ or ‘flexitarian’ umbrella, that’s where. These days, we eat meat no more than once a week (typically, three or four of our evening meals are vegan; two or three are veggie and one is either meat or fish).

To be fair, we’d already started reducing our meat intake before we became obsessed with single-use plastic. But the packaging really focused our minds. So we checked with our local butcher (W Christie in Bruntsfield) and found that he was perfectly willing to let us bring our own containers. Fab!

And there’s a knock-on effect. Not only are we cutting down on single-use plastic, we’re also supporting a local business – and eating better meat. The butcher’s bacon is nitrate free, for example, although we still don’t buy very much of it.

There is a caveat: we eat out about once a fortnight. And in a restaurant, it seems all bets are off. We might order veggie or vegan food if we fancy it, but we’ll choose meat if we want to.

Eating less-but-better meat means that we’re really appreciating it when we do have it. The butcher’s chilli and maple sausages are lovely!



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