Drinking at the Fringe

As Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall said on a recent visit to the Fringe: ‘It’s a plastic nightmare!’ We take his point. A stroll around the various beer gardens lays bare the terrifying reality: thousands of single-use plastic drinking vessels and food containers are used for ten minutes and then casually thrown away. Sure, some venues are trying […]

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In the process of trying to eliminate single-use plastics from our lives, we’re becoming more aware of packaging in general, and of the disposable culture we’re living in. As a hayfever sufferer who’s also prone to sinus infections, I used to get through a lot of tissues. And, usually, I bought the handy little plastic-wrapped […]

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Makeup and Makeup Removal

I don’t wear a lot of makeup  – and often go without completely – but I do like a bit of concealer and a brightly coloured eye (okay, two brightly coloured eyes). The stuff in my cosmetics bag is all quite old and – predictably – encased in plastic. I’d barely given it a thought […]

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Shampoo & Conditioner

Take two bottles into the shower? Not me. Now I just take my trusty tin. Toiletries can be one of the biggest offenders when it comes to unnecessary plastic containers – we used to have a bathroom cabinet that was fairly crammed with various body washes, cleansers and other unguents. These days, there are no […]

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Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax food wraps are ace: they take the place of clingfilm or foil, and can be reused time and again to wrap your sandwiches, to cover leftover food in the fridge, or to freeze small batches of muffins or flapjacks if you’ve made too many to eat in one go. I love them, but they […]

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Zero Waste Shopping

There’s no doubt about it: avoiding single-use plastic is well-nigh impossible if you don’t have access to a zero waste store. We’re really lucky to live a mere ten minute walk from Edinburgh’s The Eco Larder. This shop has made all the difference. Run by the lovely Stephanie and Matt, The Eco Larder is a not-for-profit business, […]

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Three Quick Fixes

There are three essential items that every would-be Zero Wastrel needs to acquire for everyday use. A Keepie-Cup– most of us know by now that the ‘cardboard’ cups we get from Costa or Starbucks aren’t recyclable. They’re lined with plastic (otherwise hot liquid would just cause them to collapse in your hand, and you’d be […]

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Sanitary Towels

Plastic-backed pads, individually wrapped in plastic, then bundled up in batches of twelve, packaged in even more – yes, you’ve guessed – plastic. Single-use items that clog up the drains when flushed (don’t, for God’s sake, flush!) and landfill when binned. And tampons are just as bad – worse, if they’ve got a plastic applicator. […]

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