Smelling nice seems to be a major preoccupation with the general public, particularly in the summer months – indeed, in 2019, the global anti-perspirant market will amount to an estimated 75 billion US dollars. We haven’t used anti-perspirants in years, but we do want to smell nice, so deodorants are clearly the answer. They tend to come in either a spray can (which is damaging to the ozone layer) or as a roll-on in a single-use plastic dispenser, neither of which is a suitable choice for us.

Luckily, solid deodorant bars are easy enough to find. Lush do one that has a lovely patchouli aroma and which they will happily cut to size to fit your reusable container; and there are plenty of other makes available online. You just apply the block directly to the skin and the job’s a good ‘un.

We also recently repurposed a tub of coconut oil, originally purchased as a moisturiser, but which, it turns out, works just as well as a nicely scented (and very economical) deodorant top-up.



5 thoughts on “Deodorant

  1. Brill. I’d been wondering about the deodorant quandary. It would be nice to help the environment without, well, causing a stink. What sort of reusable container do you use… does it have to be an original deodorant receptacle? Half our problem living in a small place nowadays is finding some local emporium able to do refills. Our nearest Lush is a forty minute car trip away!


    1. Hi Jonny. We’ve been using screwtop aluminium tins, the kind that travel sweets come in, washed out after the sweets have been eaten. They are a good size to go in washbags for travel or gym. Most eco-shops are pretty accommodating though and will cut them to fit whatever storage you take along.


  2. Hey guys! Thanks for the tips. I’ll get back with some fuller thoughts, but I’m going to google nearest eco stores first…


  3. Right, I’ve now found an eco store 1.5 miles away which apparently does refills on household and personal hygiene products, which is a great result. You’ve also given me an excuse to buy a couple of tins of car sweets 😉 Barley sugar, anyone? Thanks for the advice. We’re trying to minimise, if not eliminate entirely, our plastic consumption for hygiene and household stuff – so that should make a fair dent in things. Keep up the good work!


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