Food Waste 2: Pesto

One of our favourite food waste hacks is ‘sort-of’ pesto. Admittedly, the traditional recipe comprises basil, pine nuts, olive oil and parmesan, while our ‘sort-ofs’ often include… um… none of these. The first time we made it, we were looking to use up what was left of a dying basil plant, and made substitutions for the rest with what we had in: peanuts, rapeseed oil and cheddar. It tasted great.

Since then, we’ve used a range of greenery: rocket leaves, spinach, coriander, even lettuce. The peanuts and rapeseed oil have been consistent; they’re kitchen staples for us. But the cheeses have been many and varied, a delicious smoked Lancashire providing the best flavour so far.

We like to eat our pesto with spaghetti, with raw tomatoes and spring onions scattered on top. We used to add a bit of feta too, but we’ve yet to find a plastic-free source. Still, even without, it’s a deliciously simple summer meal.


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