Breakfast cereal and granola

Breakfast cereal hadn’t been a problem until this week. We both really enjoy it, but it’s an occasional pleasure, not a regular go-to. A box of corn flakes bought in June saw us through to mid-July, and then – because we’d signed up for a plastic-free month – we filled a container with bran flakes, the only cereal available from The Eco Larder. These fulfilled our no-packaging requirements, but we weren’t keen on them. To be clear: there’s nothing wrong with them – so long as you like bran. It turns out neither of us does.

We’ve been making our own granola for a while now. That one’s a no-brainer. It’s ridiculously easy: just mix up your ingredients then pop them in the oven for 20 minutes. And of course it’s better than the shop-bought stuff, because we make it to suit our own tastes (for us, this means lots of dates, almonds and seeds). But could we make actual breakfast cereal?

I spent a while looking at recipes, and settled on one for oat flakes. Partly because I love the flavour, and partly because we had oats in. Oat flour, I learned, can be made by whizzing up the oats in a food processor (I used our Bamix’s little grinder attachment because we don’t have room for a full-sized machine). I added a little wheat flour, some honey, some milk and water, then spread the resulting mixture thinly over two baking trays. Into the oven they went, and – after ten minutes – out came two thin crispy sheets of cereal. I broke them into pieces and put them back in to bake some more. Twenty-five minutes later: voila! Home made breakfast cereal.

And it tastes AMAZING.

Here are the recipes we used (although our version of the granola is, by now, quite far removed from this):


Oat flakes:



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