One thing everybody agrees on is that we all need to look after our teeth. 

But a quick glance around the average bathroom reveals that there’s a lot of plastic lurking in the cabinet. Most toothbrushes are entirely made of the stuff. Admittedly, they aren’t exactly single-use but, once finished with, they’ll be around for a thousand years. 

Nearly all conventional toothpastes come in a plastic tube (which is then encased in a totally unnecessary cardboard box). Euthymol is, I believe, the exception. It comes in an aluminium tube – though the cap is still plastic. And you still get the box.

The easiest thing to fix is the toothbrush. There are plenty of biodegradable, bamboo brushes available. We use Genkent which compare very favourably with their plastic brethren. We have opted for the ones with nylon bristles, which is not ideal, but the alternative version – made with pig-hair bristles – somehow feels like a step too far.

The toothpaste is rather trickier to replace. Georganics do a range of natural toothpastes in jars which we tried for a while, but we were naturally concerned when we discovered that this range (like Euthymol) doesn’t contain any fluoride. A quick chat with our dentist convinced us we needed to look harder and we found a range of tooth tablets online, which were economically priced and did contain fluoride. 

We eventually settled on Non Plastic Beach, which are currently £2.80 for 60 tablets or £10 for 240. You also receive an aluminium tin to store them in. They take a little getting used to. You crunch up a tiny tablet between your teeth until it’s dissolved and then use a toothbrush to scrub the residue away. We’ve actually found these give us a more thorough clean than we used to get from conventional toothpaste. 

For the moment, we’re happy with this process, but if anyone knows of a better option, do let us know.



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