Makeup and Makeup Removal

I don’t wear a lot of makeup  – and often go without completely – but I do like a bit of concealer and a brightly coloured eye (okay, two brightly coloured eyes). The stuff in my cosmetics bag is all quite old and – predictably – encased in plastic. I’d barely given it a thought until I realised my concealer had run out. I headed to the Zero Waste Edinburgh FaceBook page to ask for tips, and was directed to LoveThePlanetUK (, an online store specialising in plastic-free makeup. Job done! I’ve ordered their powder concealer and will report back once I’ve started using it.

But what about taking it off?

I stopped using makeup wipes about a year ago, in favour of reusable bamboo pads, which I bought for £10 from Amazon (sorry…). And this was before I realised that the wipes themselves were made of plastic, thanks to Anita Rani’s recent TV report; I was just concerned about the packaging.

The bamboo pads are great! I don’t even have to use any makeup remover with them: I just run one under a cold tap, squeeze it out and then gently wipe the makeup away. (Admittedly, this does work a lot better since I stopped using waterproof mascara!) Afterwards, I toss them in the washing machine. They don’t come out as fresh and bright as they are in the photograph, perhaps because I only wash them at 30º, but they’re perfectly serviceable.

And by the way, if you’re wondering how to recycle old mascara wands, I recently came across a plea from The North East Wildlife and Animal Rescue Centre, where they use old wands to clean hedgehogs, ducklings, etc. If you have any to donate, send them to: The New Arc, Nether Auquhadlie, Auchnagatt, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41 8UW.


Update: I’ve now been using LoveThePlanetUK’s concealer for a week or so, and I have to say, I’m most impressed. When it arrived, I was concerned because it appeared to be packaged in a brown paper/plastic bag, but – when I emailed to check – I was assured that the plastic-looking substance was, in fact, cellulose, and the whole caboodle could be cut up and disposed of in my food waste bag (or compost bin – but I don’t have one of those). I’ve tipped the powder into an old sweeties tin, and it’s performing very well.


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