Shampoo & Conditioner

Take two bottles into the shower? Not me. Now I just take my trusty tin.

Toiletries can be one of the biggest offenders when it comes to unnecessary plastic containers – we used to have a bathroom cabinet that was fairly crammed with various body washes, cleansers and other unguents. These days, there are no end of companies offering solid bars of shampoo and conditioner – and you can buy reusable aluminium containers to store them in.

We bought our first ones online, initially influenced by price, but then realised that the bars we’d ordered had been sent all the way from China, adding unnecessary air miles to the equation. And, initially. we both found the bar was leaving our hair a bit dry and straw-like, and were ready to give up. But – after a week or so – our heads seemed to get used to it and now the bars do the job just as well as their plastic-bottled brethren.

So where to find a local source? Some of the alternatives seem pricey, though it should be said that a bar of shampoo lasts much longer than a bottle, so it works out okay in the long run. And recently we found Friendly Soap (, who are UK based and very reasonably priced (at £2.62 a bar). Win, win.

With my short, scant locks, I don’t really need a conditioner, but Susan likes to use one to keep her hair shiny. She’s taken to rubbing in a few drops of argan or coconut oil after she’s dried it every day, and uses a conventional liquid conditioner about once a week. She gets this from The Eco Larder’s refill station, where there are several brands to choose from.

Our soap bags are now much lighter for our regular visits to the gym. This has been one of the easier plastic-related problems to solve.




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