Diary 1/7/19 – Plastic Challenge

Can we go completely plastic-free for a whole month? That’s the challenge set by the Marine Conservation Society (mcsuk.org/plastic-challenge), and we’re determined to give it a go.

By ‘plastic-free,’ we (and they) mean ‘single-use-plastic-free.’ We’re not going to stop using the myriad plastic objects that fill our home: the chopping boards, the sunglasses, the toilet brush. For one thing, chucking out the stuff we already own is the opposite of eco-friendly: we need to make as much use of it as possible. Of course, when these items need replacing, we’ll seek better alternatives. In the meantime, the object of this exercise is to cut out the wasteful disposable plastic that permeates our lives.

We’re already a fair way down this track: slowly, step by step, we’ve been eliminating single-use plastic from our lives over the last two years. But there are still a few bugbears, and we’re going to use this month to push the boundaries.

Going into this, our biggest concern is salad leaves. We don’t know where to get them loose. We don’t have a garden, so we can’t grow our own. (We did experiment with sowing rocket seeds in a pot on our windowsill, but the results were rather pathetic. We’re not entirely convinced the seeds were even rocket – the puny stems that pushed their way out of the compost looked suspiciously like cress…)

But I’m sure other issues will arise too. Hopefully, we’ll find ways to overcome them; if not, at least it will highlight what we still need to work on.

Look out for further diary entries to see how we progress…

And, for more information on the Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge, check out their website (mcsuk.org/plastic-challenge) or follow them on Twitter @mcsuk.


Go Plastic Free This July.JPG


2 thoughts on “Diary 1/7/19 – Plastic Challenge

  1. Is there a community garden or allotments near to you? Some things you may have to grow… I love rocket too, and also pickled beetroot. Steeling myself to learn to pickle my own… eek!


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