Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax food wraps are ace: they take the place of clingfilm or foil, and can be reused time and again to wrap your sandwiches, to cover leftover food in the fridge, or to freeze small batches of muffins or flapjacks if you’ve made too many to eat in one go.

I love them, but they can be expensive. I started with three (small, medium and large), which I bought for £15 from a shop online. They worked so well I wanted more, but it seemed to me they might be easy to make. A quick google search led me to Moral Fibres, a fabulous sustainable living blog, where I found a simple set of instructions.

Inspired, I bought some beeswax pellets from a local health food store, and blagged some scraps of fabric from my sewing-crazy mum. I set to work, enjoying the process, and made a whole load of pretty wraps – some for us to use, and others to give as gifts. (Although I should be honest, and admit that the Orla Kiely fabric pictured above wasn’t sourced quite as sustainably: I bought it specifically for my sister-in-law.)

The home-made wraps are every bit as good as the shop-bought ones, and they’re easy to look after. The only caveat is that they should only be washed in cold water, so they’re not suitable for wrapping raw meat or fish. Otherwise, they’re just great. They last for up to a year and, when they’re starting to lose their waxiness, you can either compost them or, even better, add a little more wax and heat again to revive.

You can find Moral Fibres’ set of instructions here:

You’re welcome.



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