Toilet Paper

Ah, loo roll. The one bathroom essential for which we’re not even considering a reusable alternative. So how to wipe in an eco-friendly way?

Even the recycled stuff usually comes wrapped in plastic, and it’s not exactly soft or strong. But when we saw that our local zero waste store, The Eco Larder, was selling single paper-wrapped rolls from Who Gives a Crap, we thought we’d buy one and give it a go. We loved the company’s ethos, and their bright, brash marketing. Sadly, we didn’t like the product; it just confirmed that recycled toilet paper is not for us.

We bought a pack of four Cheeky Panda bamboo loo rolls from Real Foods, and found these much better. Bamboo is the perfect sustainable product, and the Cheeky Panda rolls were just as luxurious as any mainstream brand. They were wrapped in plastic, but the packaging stated that this was ‘widely recyclable.’ Not in Edinburgh’s communal bins, though, so it was destined for landfill. Boo.

Still, it was the best answer we had, so we ordered in bulk from Amazon. I know. We soon learned our mistake. It arrived double wrapped in plastic. To be fair, when we contacted Cheeky Panda, they pointed out to us that we could buy an entirely plastic-free bulk box if we ordered directly from their website. Lesson learned!

But we were still more interested in Who Gives A Crap, because they don’t just eschew plastic, they also donate half of their profits to help build toilets for people in need. And, now that we knew bamboo loo roll was good, there was nothing to stop us from trying their version. Oh, except for the little matter of where to store 48 large rolls in our tiny apartment…

But we went ahead anyway, and they fit easily under the bed. Sure, they’re individually wrapped, but in recycled paper, and we intend to reuse the pretty wrappers for our friends’ and family’s gifts. Be warned!

This feels like an easy win.


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