Three Quick Fixes

There are three essential items that every would-be Zero Wastrel needs to acquire for everyday use.

  1. A Keepie-Cup– most of us know by now that the ‘cardboard’ cups we get from Costa or Starbucks aren’t recyclable. They’re lined with plastic (otherwise hot liquid would just cause them to collapse in your hand, and you’d be scalded). In the UK alone we use 7 million single-use cups every day. So, buy yourself a reusable Keepie-cup and carry it with you at all times. You’ll even save 25 pence on every coffee you buy from many outlets.
  2. A drinks bottle– for cold drinks the picture is even worse than for hot ones. 35.8 million soft drinks bottles are bought and discarded in the UK every single day. Yes, that’s right. 35.8 million! So get yourself a metal, bamboo or even (whisper it) plastic drinks container that you can refill when you need a cold drink and make sure you always have it with you. Most bars and cafes, if you ask politely, will give you a delicious helping of tap water, absolutely free of charge.
  3. A fabric tote bag– get yourself one of these, preferably one that folds down really small, so if you ever need to make an emergency purchase, you’ll have something to put it in. Even though the five pence charge has managed to reduce numbers from an average 140 carrier bags per person a year to just 25 bags, we’re still getting through far too many. So that’s one less plastic carrier bag in the world and one more brownie point for you!



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